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Unseen #midnighthaiku

Unseen, unnoticed Beauty grows in the shadows Perfect potential There are flowers, both wild and cultivated, in abundance. There has been plenty of rain and an abundance of sun. The purple loosestrife, always covered in bees of all varieties, is … Continue reading

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Preservation #midnighthaiku

Life without freedom Unnaturally preserved Hope for the future The Brown Bear was once a resident of these isles and very much a part of both our history and legends. A few years ago, I took my son to Whipsnade … Continue reading

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Helping hedgehogs

I remember, late one night, perhaps forty years ago, taking a shortcut home across a disused railway line in the city. It was a very dark path and seldom used, but it cut a mile or so off our walk … Continue reading

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Brief encounter…

It was the morning after the workshop, our last morning in Cumbria, and adventure called. We had stayed an extra night to allow us to drive the long way home, through the stunning landscapes of the Lake District… and via … Continue reading

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Coda #midnighthaiku

Breathless I listen Singer and song a rare gift Darkness follows dawn The song thrush has one of the most beautiful songs… and is just one of the many once-common garden birds now under threat in this country. It is … Continue reading

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Clearing Back the Years by James Elkington

Reblogged from Walking with a Smacked Pentax: The Panorama Stones in Ilkley are an oddity. Situated next to a church just outside the town centre, and surrounded by a 5 ft high steel fence with a locked gate designed to … Continue reading

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Clepsydra Elegy – champagnewhisky

Reblogged from Paula Read at champagnewhisky: It should come as no surprise that one of the earliest tools humans used to tell time was water. After all, it’s what we are, what we need to live. A clepsydra is an … Continue reading

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The saddest tale

In the past twenty four hours, I have seen fabulous pictures of eagles posted by Ken at rivrvlogr and Cindy Knoke. Each time, I have looked with awe and with sadness… and below, because it is such a sad tale, I … Continue reading

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Scimitar Oryx

There is a theory that it was the horns of the oryx that gave rise to the legends of the unicorn. When you see one side-on, you can see why.. even though I am not sure that it is true. … Continue reading

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A day at the zoo

In a complete role reversal, my son took me to the zoo today. I have very mixed feelings about zoos in general. The thought of confining  animals designed for vast landscapes has always seemed wrong and there are truly horror … Continue reading

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