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Hot Dogs

Moving in slow motion, Reluctant effort spawning sleep Before midday. Soporific humming Through open windows Signals summer. Only the flies are happy, Making friends with flesh Continue reading at The Small Dog’s Blog

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Swan women ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

An excerpt from my latest WIP, because it’s swans. Not Fionnual, Conn, Aodh and Fiachra, but the swan women from the story of Midir and Étaín. For Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. They stowed their belongings beneath the sleeping bench … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXIX: The One with the Hole…

We had intended to visit this and another site on our way to Hayle the previous afternoon, but the map that has thus far led us without fail across Britain had refused to cooperate. It had been a long and … Continue reading

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They Soar Higher Than Clouds ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Dark, rumbling clouds stirred him out. He stretched and looked around. Some of his friends were flying high but he couldn’t miss the sound – muffled yet clear. “What are you digging?” Vendatta stood at the edge of the valley. … Continue reading

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Space Time…

* ‘…You may as well know now you are far more likely to see the spiritual than you are to read it. The spirit came first and we learned to see before we learned to read. It is nigh on … Continue reading

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Punching Away Cloudy Days ~ Dave Madden #writephoto

The team’s training session outside was on its final round, ending just before the storm rolled in. It was a great workout for the day. Brian’s teammate, Roland, had nothing but encouraging words to say about how he’d perform in … Continue reading

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Books, Blogs and Photographs

It can be problematic finding photographs online that you are allowed to use for your blog or in your books. The terms of licences are not always clear and you are reliant upon the honesty of those who upload their … Continue reading

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The Safe Cove ~ The Dark Netizen #writephoto

Reblogged from The Dark Netizen

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Gypsies #midnighthaiku

Sheltering in place Nature’s gypsies find freedom Deep within their shells

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