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Balefire ~ Jan Malique #writephoto

This one was approached with hesitance, I wasn’t sure how to spin my tale. In the end the only solution was to follow gut instinct and the voice of one Muse. In the beginning, there was only Fire, one sacred … Continue reading

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The Makers of Fine Sticks ~ Steve Tanham

If you belonged to a species that regularly threw itself off a cliff, you’d expect that species – or that tribe – to die out pretty quickly… Let’s imagine that there was an annual contest of head-beating with sticks, and … Continue reading

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A Dorset Weekend With The Silent Eye – Part 2 ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth… Helen Jones continues the story of her experience with the Silent Eye in Dorset: Still officially on a blog break, I swear. But there is more to tell about my trip to Dorset, so here … Continue reading

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Taxi from Hope: A Journey into the Heart of the “Jewel in the Claw” by Jan Malique

Reblogged from Jan Malique at Strange Goings On in the Shed. Jan shares her account of the workshop weekend: “The two halves of my spirit met and engaged in a dance almost forgotten, a dance traced in the dust and … Continue reading

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Guest author: Andrew Joyce – Why?

Why do we all live in fear? And don’t deny it … there is fear in all our lives. Why do we hoard? Fear, that’s why. We’ve all seen those people on the hoarder shows. They’re so funny and pitiful. … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto Tower Of Power by Pamela Morse

Tower Of Power The Roman army built the arches, aqueducts, and city streets Then conscripted the local constabulary, farmers and priests They marched off to conquer and manage all humans and beasts The emperor demanded tribute in service, and taxes paid … Continue reading

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I Will Find Death – Colleen Brown

Reblogged from Colleen Brown at The Chatter Blog: I will find death. Because it’s there to be found. It is not elusive. And I, here, am not eternal. But when I find it I’ll have a few things to say … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto Tunnel Vision by Pamela Morse

Crawling on our bellies through the mud, James Bond style, we quietly exited the castle. Our scuba gear was hidden in the brush at the end of the tunnel. We had the documents we needed to prove the identity of … Continue reading

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Spreading land locked sails Poised between heaven and earth Harnessing power For Hugh’s photo challenge

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