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The pan-dimensional mouse

I have spent a lot of time lately working with two-dimensional representations of multidimensional states. No, I don’t mean anything arcane and mystical… or something that belongs in the realm of science fiction either. I’ve been working with pictures. We … Continue reading

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A New Book Review for Garrett’s Bones ~ Karen DeMers Dowdall

Reblogged from Once Upon a Time: “Garrett’s Bones” by Karen Demers Dowdall caught my attention immediately and drew me into this story focused on two teenagers and a murder mystery. The narrator, the young lady, is clearly established and completely … Continue reading

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In black and white

I held out my foot, and pointed the camera… the reflection of black shoe and white skin in the black gloss desk was interesting. Thought provoking… just a reflection… perfect symmetry but as a negative colour. “Our lives are just … Continue reading

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Being Human

Shadows dance in the firelight. A hand, warm upon cold stone, where many other hands have rested. The breath of the shaman, blowing ochre, staining the wall at this moment of passage. Rite of recognition within the tribe. Kinship and … Continue reading

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14 easy fixes for your blog…

Blogging is a learning curve and, no matter how long you have been doing it, there is always something new to learn… not least because WordPress like to alter things from time to time and just when you think you … Continue reading

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Reflect #midnighthaiku

Clouded perception Beauty cannot see itself Other eyes must speak  

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A side trip to Addingham – ancient symbols and modern stone

Leaving the church at Addingham, we noticed some rather more modern stonework outside an unprepossessing building that turned out to be the church hall. After seeing Saxon stonework, we might not have bothered to go and investigate, but we were … Continue reading

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Looking good -10 simple tips for adding images

We are living in an age where visual impressions seem to matter more and more. Images clamour for our attention, the flashing screens that occupy so much of our time both at work and at home carry everything from business … Continue reading

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A Rude Awakening

Images are emotional Viagra. For some reason at four am in the morning the Powers That Be decided to wake me and tell me so. It wasn’t a dream. Just woke with the idea, quite suddenly and clearly formed and … Continue reading

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