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Taking stock…

I was obliged to go into town. This is never a good thing and I had put it off as long as I could, but my son had errands for me and it could not be delayed any longer. Reluctantly, … Continue reading

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All for love…

It was quiet, too quiet. For the first time in almost eight years, there was no bouncing mass of fur when I came home from work. No grinning muzzle, no tail wagging so hard that it wagged the dog too. … Continue reading

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My minds waterfall ~ Janette Bendle #writephoto

Close my eyes Take me somewhere Peaceful and serene A journey in my mind Somewhere I’ve never been Continue reading at What She Wrote Next

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That I Am Here – Colleen Brown

Reblogged from Chatter Master: Some days I want to throw my hands up in gratitude To the universe That fills me with awe and grandeur Opening my arms to accept it’s glory And send out my energy to join. Some … Continue reading

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Footprints – Natalie Ducey #writephoto

Please leave your comments at Natalie Ducey at her site

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Guest author: Natalie Ducey – Transendence

Today, I’d love to share a  poem from The Heart’s Lullaby collection, Transcendence. The Heart’s Lullaby was published in July, 2017. It’s my second poetry collection. I discovered my passion for digital art and painting in the past year and love … Continue reading

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The Tale of a Quest Down a Hallway – Gregg Savage #writephoto

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Zane who woke up feeling very ill. He hadn’t really eaten anything unusual the night before, nor did he have any signs of a cold. He just knew something wasn’t quite … Continue reading

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Time – Pamela Wright #writephoto

Midnight December 31st – that weird moment in the year when people sit and watch a clock count down and kiss the person next to them. That moment in the year when some people sit and reflect on the year … Continue reading

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Gifts… #UKBA17

My apologies for being quiet… it has been Christmas here this weekend; an early one and a restful, lovely one… once we finally made it home after chasing across the country in a thick, pea-soup of a fog. Even the … Continue reading

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#writephoto The Power Of Invitation by Balroop Singh

Each step evoked emphatic emotion Indecisiveness stopped me as I wavered Love impelled me towards the door Gleaming glow attracted as hope soared Memories came gliding down the railing One after the other like siblings smiling Laughter reverberated around me … Continue reading

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