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Pond update…

It was odd, when we thought about it, that all the healthiest fish had died, The ones we’d had concerns about were still with us. It was also odd that all our special friends amongst the fish had gone… the … Continue reading

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The handywoman’s hat

My son and I looked at the fishpond, “You must get that sorted,” says I. “‘Cause the water is green, And the fish can’t be seen, And they need TLC or they’ll die.” So my son took a look…it’s not … Continue reading

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Remnant #midnighthaiku

The sturgeon is of a type of fish that first appeared in the fossil record around 245 to 208 million years ago. They have no scales, but are armoured with bony plates and a shark-like tail fin. Their lives are … Continue reading

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Well, after yesterday I slept like the proverbial log, content, by the end of it, that the rollercoaster had ground to a halt. This morning it would be a slightly later start than usual. I had time for housework and … Continue reading

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