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A Thousand Miles of History XXXXV: The Knights Come Down to Drink…

We had already been sidetracked by St Edwold’s tiny church, but we were definitely on our way home now. Except, we thought that as we were passing, it would be a pity not to visit the little village of Sutton … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – In search of King Arthur (A Thousand Miles of History)

We wandered the summit of Cadbury Castle, each of us alone with our thoughts before gathering once again at the centre to speak of archaeology, history and legends. Now, legends are all very well, but many a place has adopted … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – The ramparts of Camelot (A Thousand Miles of History)

We had only a short way to walk to our second site of the day. We were only going to climb a hill, which sounds simple enough, but there can be few places where fact, fiction, folklore and otherworldly dreams … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – Going off at a tangent (A Thousand Miles of History)

The reason Stuart and I were heading south on our thousand-mile journey through the ancient places of Albion was one of the Silent Eye’s regular workshops in the landscape. The Giant and the Sun: Patterns in the landscape was due … Continue reading

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A thousand miles of history…

Two years ago, The Silent Eye held a workshop in Dorset… and Stuart and I embarked upon a thousand mile trek through the ancient and sacred landscape, taking in natural beauty, prehistoric sites, wonderful old churches and exploring some of … Continue reading

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From the archives ~ Burrow Mump

It is a while since we visited Burrow Mump, not far from Glastonbury. I had driven past with a friend and almost took the car into the hedge at the surprise of this ruin-topped hill looming up out of the … Continue reading

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Glastonbury and the last Abbot of Glastonbury ~ Roberta Eaton

About Glastonbury Glastonbury was initially inhabited by stone age farmers. In 1892 the iron-age village near Glastonbury, now known as Glastonbury Lake Village, was discovered by a young medical student called Arthur Bulleid. The village was first constructed in approximately … Continue reading

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A Dorset Weekend With The Silent Eye, Part One ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: I know. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. And I’m still officially on a blog break. However, a few weeks ago I spent a weekend in Dorset with The Silent Eye, which I … Continue reading

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Auld acquaintance…

We had stopped for cider at the Apple Tree on the way,  which is not quite a tradition yet, but we are working on that. It is Somerset, after all, and the Orchard Pig is brewed locally. There was chocolate … Continue reading

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Back to Stanton Drew…

We could hardly visit the pub and the church without paying our respects to the stone circles of Stanton Drew. The village itself is pretty enough to spend a day wandering around with a camera, with many listed buildings that … Continue reading

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