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How To Market Your Book In 2020 ~ Nicholas C. Rossis hosts Ronita Mohan

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis: Here’s another post from Ronita Mohan, one of this blog’s favorite guest bloggers. Book marketing is like building on quicksand: just when you think you know what’s what, everything changes. Thankfully, Ronita shares here some … Continue reading

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Converting from MS Word to Mobi Using Kindle Create ~ Harmony Kent

Reblogged from Story Empire: Hello SErs! Harmony here. Do you struggle to convert your manuscript into a Kindle file? Are you spending lots of money on conversion? Then read on. As some of you will know already, Kindle have brought … Continue reading

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Frank Parker ~ A Date with Max Power

Reblogged from Frank Parker’s Author Site: My ‘date’ this time is Dublin born author Max Power. In his response to my first question he agrees that his Dublin childhood is an important influence, but goes on to say that it … Continue reading

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The Elevator Pitch: Telling People About Your Book in One Sentence – Rami Ungar

Reblogged from Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors: You may be talking to someone at a party, at work, or while waiting to lead an army of werewolves and asuras into battle to stop the demonic entity Delassi from entering our … Continue reading

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6 Tips to Create a Rockin’ Awesome Book Cover from Green Embers

Reblogged from Bradley at Green Embers Awesome Book Cover I have seen some terrible book covers over my many years of reading, from big publishers to the small indie published. Having seen too many covers like this, I devised these 6 … Continue reading

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