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Flight – A Tanka – #writephoto – Emma Hyde

  Stifled by structure, Shackled to this tarmacked Hell, A heart is ruptured; Caged within a dingy cell, Dizzied by life’s carousel. Continue reading: Flight – A Tanka – #writephoto – In Emma World

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Guest author: Charles E. Yallowitz – The Life and Times of Ichabod Brooks is LIVE!

Spend your summer with Ichabod Brooks in this 11 story collection! $2.99 on Amazon! Enter the world of Windemere with 11 action adventure short stories featuring a man who is out to make an honest living. Some heroes seek fame. … Continue reading

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 #writephoto – Birds at Sunrise – by Michael

Dawn is a favoured time for me. It heralds the new day and marks the end of the darkness. Outside I hear the birds chorus It goes on and on and always with an intensity that suggests something very important … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Corners… Stuart France

* * “Well, that could have been worse,” conceded Butch, settling back onto his customary perch with a slither of leathery wings. “The beauty of corners,” soothed Serafina, doing likewise, “is that one never quite knows what’s around the other … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Flight – #writephoto by Joelle Le Gendre

In part one, Tunnel, our heroine escaped death at Arlene’s hands.  Ten years later… “If birds descended from dinosaurs, did people descend from angels?”  My nine-year old daughter asked. How was she to know I was fighting for both our … Continue reading

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Marking the Circle – Solstice of the Moon with Running Elk

While we continue to share tales of the Silent Eye’s summer weekend in Wales, The Prisoner of Portmeirion, we would like to invite you to join us in Scotland in September, for a Living Land workshop amongst the sacred circles of … Continue reading

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Back to Llandudno… Stuart France

* * “The Great Orme, it seems, hasn’t quite finished with us, yet.” “So it would appear.” “There is walk…” “Not more walking.” “…Which can be driven.” “Let’s do that, then.” * * Continue reading here

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Balance #midnighthaiku

Polar opposites Creation in harmony Life is born laughing

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