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A day bewildered Embracing summer’s passion Beneath stormy skies At my feet the heather blooms The heavens answer my tears There is a point on my journey when, at just the right time of year, there is a first glimpse … Continue reading

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Guest blogger: Juliet Nubel Young – Stronger than Me

  Fate picked me up in my hometown of Glasgow many light years ago and since that day it has moved me around the dog-eared map which has gradually become my life. It moved me eastwards to follow my studies. … Continue reading

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The hidden depths of men.   #writephoto – From Michael at Afterwards

“If you ask me” Gerald insisted, “feelings are wholly overrated!” He took a long slug from his beer and stared into the flames. “Jane is always wanting me to share things and open up, but that’s just not me you … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Fire Dance by Helen Jones

‘‘A firedance through the night.’ What d’you suppose they meant by that?’ ‘Who?’ ‘That band, you know the ones, all floppy hair and white teeth. You know, catchy melodies. They had fancy lyrics, too.’ ‘Oh, yeah. I dunno.’ ‘You dunno … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Stones and stories

What with exploding computers, forays to the north and everything else that has been going on around here, the account of our return from the Silent Eye’s weekend event in Wales got a little sidetracked while there were still a … Continue reading

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Minuet #midnighthaiku

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