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#Writephoto – Mask – The Bag Lady

‘Twas a devil mask I bought Not giving it a second thought I love all of Halloween In this mask I want to be seen I donned it on that fateful night Noticed something not quite right It stayed on … Continue reading

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Mask – #Writephoto

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
The dreamer’s room faded. Stars pricked holes in the velvet darkness as a crescent moon sailed over the restless sea, a bat with silver wings. Tucked between the shore’s boulders, twigs of cedar…

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Thursday photo #prompt – Mask #writephoto

Originally posted on Two on a Rant:
“Ms. Jones!”  The reporter yelled out.  “When did you know Arlene was a serial killer?” As odd as it might sound, I’d lived through 3 deaths at Arlene’s hands, survived the barrel of…

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Guest author: Sylvester L. Anderson – ‘The Sevens’ free from Smashwords

The Optimist * The weight of the world Slides off my wings I am not a carrier pigeon So I carry not a heavy soul Nor a heavy heart Even when I am grounded My faith is always in flight * … Continue reading

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What in the Blazes happened? from Flip Flops Every day

How did I find myself here?Her death was an accident.But how does one explain to the authorities, when they aren’t even certain what happened themselves? Although not intentional, the end result is still the same, ultimately, my fault. No one … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto Melting Mask by Pamela Morse

mask The door was blocked by a large figure standing next to the fire His face obscured by smoke, his identity concealed from us, He moved with deliberate intent so swift and sure he seemed a ghost, A phantom memory … Continue reading

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Risk #midnighthaiku

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