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The Message — #writephoto by Frank Hubeny

Bernard lived with his aunt, a widow without children, for the spring semester of the third grade. He was familiar with his aunt’s home where she held Christmas Eve parties late after Midnight Mass. His parents enrolled him in the … Continue reading

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Review: “A Thousand Rooms” by Helen Jones

Originally posted on writerchristophfischer:
A very intimate and engaging novel about a woman’s journey after death. The writing style involved the reader immediately through a close-up examination of the dead woman’s experiences and sensation, all of which are confusing to…

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Guest writer: Cat Davis – Against stigma

Hello to all of Sue’s fans! I’m thrilled to write for you. My name is Cat Davis, and I write a blog about my experiences with bipolar 1 disorder. Years before I was diagnosed with bipolar, I discovered my passion … Continue reading

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Flight – #writephoto by Ritu

Part one of Becca And Jack’s story – here Becca lay in bed gazing out of the window. A week or so had passed since she had been rescued. Jack had been an angel, honestly. He’d taken time off work … Continue reading

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Guest author: Richard M. Ankers – Into Eternity – The third book in The Eternals series.

I’m very grateful to the wonderful Sue Vincent for allowing me space on her site to introduce my new book. But not just yet. What! Is he mad? Well, some might say yes and others might agree with them. However, … Continue reading

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Flight – #writephoto – Lady Lee

After the cloudburst this afternoon And the gladiola started blooming No more slovenly living, we’re free With straight posture, we become aware Shake all the suffering and tenets After the cloudburst this afternoon Continue reading: Thursday photo prompt – Flight … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Contrasts and small things

The heat was both welcome and unexpected. Britain in summer offers no guarantees, but on this, the Silent Eye’s third foray into Wales, we had once again been blessed with sunshine. Inevitably, at the earliest opportunity and armed with ice … Continue reading

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Edge of Weird… Stuart France

* * “Feels like we’re being invited into the earth.” “It’s been coming for awhile.” * Continue reading here

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Certainty #midnighthaiku

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