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Vegetating?… ~ Tallis Steelyard (and a new book or two by Jim Webster)

The Arcade Market in the Commercial district is not the most prestigious of the markets in Port Naain. One will not find the truly exotic, but there again one will not find the grossly overpriced either. It provides decent quality … Continue reading

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Jim Webster ~ Pontifications along a road less travelled, when things get out of hand.

Reblogged from Jim Webster: I learned long ago that people don’t read blogs about authors going on about the trials and tribulations of being authors. The world at large tends to cast a jaundiced eye in their direction and suggests, … Continue reading

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And occasionally, something new? – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard… a request from the poet himself… Never let it be said that Tallis Steelyard is one of those ‘artists’ who sits sighing in his garret, bewailing his fate and wondering why his literary endeavours appear to … Continue reading

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Amateur dramatics – Tallis Steelyard

The turn of the year always brings memories. You think back across the years and remember the people who are no longer with us. For me the end of the year is largely focussed around the Society of Minor Poets. … Continue reading

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Nobody does it like that any more from Tallis Steelyard

How does one promote a book? This question continued to nag at me as I went about my business in Port Naain. How on earth was I going to live up to my promise to ensure ‘A Bad Penny’ gained … Continue reading

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A final thought, for now, about the problems caused by patrons from Tallis Steelyard

Inevitably one tale calls to mind another. It seems that no sooner have you got one patron safely home to bed than duty demands that you take care of another. There are times when I feel that many of my … Continue reading

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A further exploration of the problems caused by patrons by Tallis Steelyard

I confess that I have, over the years, come to the conclusion that some patrons, quite frankly, don’t take their responsibilities seriously. Indeed there are times when I feel that I have been taken advantage of and my good nature … Continue reading

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Further problems with patrons by Tallis Steelyard

In my efforts to guide young poets and to help them avoid the pitfalls which have, in the past, come near to engulfing me, I wish to discuss further the problem of patrons. Looking back a majority of my patrons … Continue reading

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‘That Dress’ – a new tale from Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard. It was only by chance that I was present at the Ball when the daughters of the House Senton were introduced to society. House Senton is a family of the old aristocracy, they were here before … Continue reading

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The Mudfold and Cockeren Feud-part 3, by Tallis Steelyard

The third and final part of Tallis Steelyard’s explosive revelations… Part One and Part Two can be found by clicking the links. The Mudfold and Cockeren Feud Part Three As I have intimated before, Mesdames Mudfold and Cockeren were at … Continue reading

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