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How To Make Categorising And Tagging Blog Posts More Powerful ~ Hugh W. Roberts

Reblogged from Hugh’s Views and News: What are tags and categories? How do they work? What are the best tags and categories to use on a blog post? How do you make the categories and tags you’re using on your … Continue reading

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Is Your Blog Under Attack? ~ Hugh W. Roberts

Reblogged from Hugh W. Roberts: Every day our blogs come under attack from various elements which are invisible to the eye. Just like protecting our families, pets, and anything else we value, we should also do all we can to … Continue reading

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The Big Blog Question: Quantity vs. Quality ~ H.R.R. Gorman

Reblogged from Let Me Tell You the Story of…: Choose Two: Quantity of posts, Quality of posts, or Your Non-Blogging Life. Well, one of those is probably going to take priority (unless you’ve gotten past that ‘needing food’ conundrum), so … Continue reading

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How To Reblog A Blog Post #bloggingtips

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7 really useful ‘How To’ articles – Getting the word out on WordPress

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a blip in the stats. Both visitors and views went up to several times the usual numbers. I was curious, especially as there hadn’t been anything of exceptional note published that … Continue reading

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#amwriting: headers and page numbers | Life in the Realm of Fantasy

A really useful article from Connie Jasperson about formatting your manuscript for submission to a traditional publisher. Follow the link at the end to continue reading… I’ve blogged before on this subject, but it is time to talk about it … Continue reading

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