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An iceberg universe

Fat little fingers hold up the toy as she peers at her reflection, laughing at herself. That she is, at two years old, very self-aware is evident in the way she plays with her own and her family’s reflections in … Continue reading

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Tempting the gods ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

I stand high on the cliff’s edge observing the one below; I cannot make out their sex. My head spins and my knees feel like jelly from acrophobia, though it’s not the height that worries me so much as what’s … Continue reading

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Archaeology, migraine and the barometric fish…

After celebrating the recovery of Super Trooper, the little fish who swam, it was with a heavy heart that I saw him once again floating upside down in the pond and looking decidedly dead. The pale belly finally showed no … Continue reading

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Cave – from pensitivity101 #writephoto

Reblogged from pensitivity101: Years long ago the cave was invisible as a waterfall cascaded over its entrance. Fed by a gentle stream, the sudden drop provided the perfect shield from prying eyes and those who didn’t understand. The steps leading … Continue reading

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A weather eye on the birds…

I stepped outside this morning as a kite flew low over the house. Another parted the air above my head as I left the car to call at the little shop and two more swooped down as I unlocked the … Continue reading

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At the feeder

“You’re as bad as Ani!” I look round, guiltily from my fascinated observation of the birds. My son sighs. “I know where she gets it from now.” I’m not allowed bird feeders in my garden. Ani objects to avian invasion … Continue reading

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