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Serialised Short Story – First Impressions – Part 1 by Don Massenzio

Reblogged from Don Massenzio: Well, it’s time for a new story. Ever since I read, The Enhanced League, by C.S. Boyack, I’ve been itching to put together a collection of stories with an underlying common thread. His collection showed different perspectives … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Weavers – Jan Malique #writephoto

It took me a while to get my offering together for Sue’s Thursday Prompt. A strange tale of Cosmic wars, of forces of Anti-Life and Life sparring for all eternity, and hidden truths. The turrets of this Order of Light shine … Continue reading

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Elusive realities: Kyt Wright – A sceptical experience

I am a sceptic let’s get that quite clear, cynicism is virtually a way of life, I am the first one to look for the correct scientific explanation for reports of UFOs, ghosts, cryptids and the like. My wife has … Continue reading

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Funny Of The Week/Amusing Notices Part Three

Originally posted on estherchiltonblog:
My ‘Funny of the Week’ series is all about funny notices. If you missed part one, here it is. For part two, click here and now for part three, which was kindly sent in by Sue…

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Turrets – Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

cold and grey eerie feel another world haunting atmosphere spirits of the past Continue reading at Lady Lee Manila

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Around the Sun

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
‘Around the Sun’, my mighty oak returns Resplendent, emerging green Exquisite tones of life reveal What words cannot That life overwhelms The darkness ©Stephen Tanham

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An Unusual Labyrinth? – Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Alethea Kehas at Not Tomatoes: I dreamt last night of a world I did not want to leave. “Hold me back,” I told my companions, lest I fly up into the wonderous sky above. At that moment I … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead – Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

‘Can I bring the meeting to order?’ The Lord Chamberlain, Rodney Putupon straightened his papers and cast a jaundiced eye around the table. No one met his gaze. They wouldn’t, of course. The ordure, when it hit the air conditioning, … Continue reading

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Birds eye view

There must have been thirty starlings, mainly youngsters, in the garden at my son’s home today. The great tits and blue tits are very tame and happy to peck away at the feeding stations even when you are very close. … Continue reading

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Of Men and Women… Stuart France

* Hitherto… Men have treated Women like birds strayed down from on high… * As beings more fragile more savage stranger and sweeter more soulful… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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