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The Untold Tale of a Staircase – Frank J. Tassone #writephoto

Who would descend such a staircase? A Quincenara introduced to high society? A bride approaching her groom? Or an matronly host of an elite inn catering only to the jet-setting crowd? Morning light bathes the steps through east-facing windows, and … Continue reading

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Saving the World To Lose It – Wallie’s Wentletrap #writephoto

They said he asked for me often; that his prayers were full of my name, the mock self-portrait I had given crumpled at his heart. He wept often—it was his weakness, the illness. He cried for me, but it was … Continue reading

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Guest author: Wendy Van Camp – The Poet In Spite of Herself

I stood before the audience, my notebook open as I prepared to read an excerpt from my novel “The Curate’s Brother“.  It is a historical romance based off of Jane Austen’s novel “Persuasion”.  It was one of many readings that … Continue reading

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How To: Find and Set up Share Tabs on WordPress

Originally posted on Plaisted Publishing:
Yes I know there are tutorial for WordPress about how to use and improve your websites & blogs (especially for beginners. The tutorials are brilliant and informative. It is a great place to start your…

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Ascent – Michael #writephoto

To the curious tourist is appeared a conventional ascending staircase. Hardly surprising when you considered it was what staircases do. The even more curious fact was, it didn’t come down. This may seem, but if you look carefully you’ll notice … Continue reading

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Peaceful reverie Contemplating the pattern My place within it But the smallest of creatures A grateful thread in the web For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Ascent – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent Note – this is a continuation of the last several #write photo stories.  Part 1.  Part 2. Part 3 Part 4, Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. – I woke up feeling very warm and snug … Continue reading

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On the road again…

How much can you really manage to do on a warm, sunny weekend? It is surprising how obliging time can be when it is limited. We do not rush, we are never hurried, but we do seem to manage to … Continue reading

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Green #midnighthaiku

Magic all around Taking wing from green hillsides Cosmic mysteries

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