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The Serialisation of Nine Lives by Jaye Marie Chapter Five #WednesdayWriter #MysteryThriller

Originally posted on Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie:
Before I post the next chapter of Nine Lives, I would like to thank everyone for the support and helpful suggestions I have been receiving. All of which will help me make…

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Sounds of Soul – Deepa #writephoto

I am different in a way But it’s okay I read the fallen words From your lips As they sync with my eyes It is difficult sometimes When words fall fast I was born this way But it’s okay! People … Continue reading

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Fortuity – Sight #writephoto

It’s not everyday that one stumbles upon something that changes his/her life. Still as luck would have it (or being unlucky, in this case);I stumbled upon something that was better if avoided. As a way of avoiding the street in … Continue reading

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The Descent – Varad #Writephoto

I feel my mobile phone vibrating under me and wake up with a start. I see the caller name and groan in frustration. The clock on the wall opposite to my bed shows the time as 3 AM. Another early … Continue reading

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The Greeting Place – Reprise – Charles Robert Lindholm

Reblogged from The Reluctant Poet: There is no demarcation zone, no welcome platform where we can greet with fanfare the arrival of the newest and next moment in time, Now   Now just sneaks up on us with a peek-a-boo greeting … Continue reading

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Fallen – Sisyphus #writephoto

For millennia they stood, tall and proud guardians of the hills. Humans, and smaller animals, sought refuge at their feet. Much later, villagers danced around them, and celebrated sunrise, touching the smooth stone for luck and prosperity. No-one knew what … Continue reading

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The dreaded MOT…

* It is that time of year that all motorist’s dread When the car needs a new MOT, When you worry in case the old girl’s nearly dead… And she surely won’t get off scot-free. So you drop it off … Continue reading

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Softly #midnighthaiku

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