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Avenue – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Note – this is the ninth exciting episode of The Mad Quest!  You can start at the beginning, go to the previous chapter or to the table of contents. – I woke at dawn, crawled out of my nest of … Continue reading

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God’s Tears…

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Avenue – Willow Willers #writephoto

There he stands all alone For his sadness turned to stone. At the far end of the Avenue Waiting for his heart to beat anew. Continue reading at willowdot21

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An Orcadian Diary (2) Before History – Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: Continued from Part One And now we should go back to an older time – a much older time – to flesh out the story of the islands of Orkney, north-east of the Scottish mainland. … Continue reading

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Under the Canopy – Fandango #writephoto

It was our first date. A fix-up, actually. My older sister was friends with her older brother and they schemed to try to get us together, thinking we might be a good match. My sister gave me her phone number … Continue reading

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Too swift in passing Man walks amid miracles Enduring beauty Dismissed as mere scenery Backdrop to his tragedy For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Avenue – Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

It was too late to go back, Saly realised. She had meandering around the park without thinking. Now, she was at the far side where park met meadows and farming fields. Casting around, she spotting a bench and slipping the … Continue reading

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The asymmetric small dog (or half a job well done…)

We all know the saga of Ani’s ablutions, How often I’ve tried, and run out of solutions, When dog into bathtub‘s a futile equation Regardless of bribery, guile or persuasion. A bath was required, I needed an answer, ‘Cause all … Continue reading

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The Anunnaki III… Stuart France

…They eateth the fruit of Earth. * Reblogged from Stuart France

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Serene #midnighthaiku

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