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The tip of the iceberg…

It was just nine o’clock… I had potentially nine hours of healing sleep ahead of me and, as I’d been struggling to stay awake all day, I fully intended to use them. I was shivering, so I had, very sensibly, … Continue reading

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The demon list

I went to bed at half past one, The list was almost halfway done But then, it only lists by item… Some jobs last ad infinitum. So that mid-point is false you see But the illusion comforts me… I can … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Quandry

Dear Santa, she’s loopy. We both know that’s true. But as she’s my two-legs… Well, what can I do? Outside it is rainy It hasn’t snowed yet, And she sings of sleigh-bells… Should I call the vet? She’s singing of … Continue reading

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Dogs don’t get insomnia

I gave up trying to get to sleep. Again. The horrid virus that laid me low cleared up nicely, only to be replaced by another that has left me with the misery of nightly earache, along with the various other … Continue reading

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Under attack

My knees are scratched to high heaven where a confused dog tried to give comfort to the zombified madwoman going nuts in the middle of the night… claws and bare knees are not the best of combinations. That I had … Continue reading

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