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Paper wings

In sleepless silence night mourns the dreaming lost to a fallen star. Shadows chase the ghosts of morning, ever seeking to consume them, jealous of their light. Paper wings flutter unheeded to the floor in flightless death. The wakeful poet … Continue reading

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Haunted #midnighthaiku

* Lost to fear’s shadow Phantasms haunt troubled minds Daylight seems distant *

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Wakeful #midnighthaiku

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Wakeful #midnighthaiku

Insomnia strikes White night leads to flaming dawn Conscious recompense

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A mother’s day…

I woke late and tired, having slept through all three of the alarms I had set to get me to work on time. The problem was, I had been unable to sleep until dawn, so I was bleary eyed as … Continue reading

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The tip of the iceberg…

It was just nine o’clock… I had potentially nine hours of healing sleep ahead of me and, as I’d been struggling to stay awake all day, I fully intended to use them. I was shivering, so I had, very sensibly, … Continue reading

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The demon list

I went to bed at half past one, The list was almost halfway done But then, it only lists by item… Some jobs last ad infinitum. So that mid-point is false you see But the illusion comforts me… I can … Continue reading

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Sleepless with slugs

I should be in bed, but I’m sitting here listening to the rain. The windows are all wide open, even though the air is now chill and midnight long gone. Ani, ever the opportunist, demanded the back door be opened … Continue reading

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Early bird…

The display lights the darkness; three thirty-eight… wonderful. You really have to do something about that Twitter notification that sounds like a text and drags you awake, like it or not… just in case. The next hour passes in dogged … Continue reading

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I wander downstairs in search of tea and toast, anything to stop the nausea that results from several sleepless nights. The dog raises her head and one eyebrow from her secure place under the table as if to say, “Have … Continue reading

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