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Full Circle: Fragments of home

Penrith is a lovely old market town with narrow alleys and some wonderful old buildings. Sadly, we would not have time to do the place justice over the weekend, but at least we had a glimpse as we walked to … Continue reading

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Full Circle: Finding the way home?

In spite of the rainbow that had greeted our arrival in Cumbria, the skies looked none too promising as we gathered beneath the shelter of the park gate in Penrith. The chill winds of December had brought showers, but at … Continue reading

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Free on Kindle, one day only, Richard Liveth Yet by Joanne Larner

Richard Liveth Yet The first novel in Joanne Larner’s series on King Richard III FREE on Kindle January 10th ONLY What if time could be manipulated so that someone could travel into the future? What if that someone were Richard … Continue reading

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Guest author: Joanne Larner – Meeting Richard

I am a Ricardian. I am proud to be one of Richard III’s loyal advocates, trying to clear his name from the calumny with which Henry Tudor tainted him. I wanted to DO something, something special, and so I decided … Continue reading

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Penrith Castle

We don’t normally ‘do’ castles, but who in their right minds would park next to one and ignore it? Especially when there are cameras to hand. It was hands that had brought us into Penrith on our way back to … Continue reading

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