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The Small Dog’s Complaint…

Dear writer… * I know you’ve only got two legs And elephants have four, But honestly, you sound like one When walking ‘cross the floor. * It’s every night; I go to bed And settle down to sleep, You stumble … Continue reading

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A lazy Sunday afternoon Was not what I intended, But after work, I closed my eyes, And woke when day was ended. With such a lot I ought to do, From paperwork to cleaning, I thought I’d read through coffee … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2019! Peace, Sleep and A Disgruntled Story Reading Ape

Hey Santa, Well, I’ll be going home today and, to tell the truth, much as I’ve had fun with all the other animals, I’ll be glad of a rest. I may still be a pup at heart…but my bones don’t … Continue reading

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* Storms and power cuts Long hard day and chilly night Rivers overflow Dog barking at the thunder Warmth and sleep prove elusive * For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Caffeine: it’s the universe’s way of apologizing~Barb Taub #humor #sleep

Reblogged from Barb Taub: Last night, I heard coughing. It sounded like it was coming from beneath me.* *[No, of course not. The Hub wasn’t even home. Get your mind out of that gutter.] I sat up, stumbled out of … Continue reading

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Six a.m. on a Sunday… I groaned and turned off the alarm clock. I hadn’t been sleeping well, or enough, and did not want to obey the imperative summons… especially not on a day when, historically, most folks get to … Continue reading

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#Schadenfreude! ~ Barb Taub…Who knew grandparenting would be so much fun? #humor #parenting

Continue reading at Barb Taub: “I’m worried about them.” My daughter was visiting her sister, who had just delivered her second child. “I don’t think any of them slept for more than an hour the whole time I was there.” … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: Bed-napped!

She’s weird. I know I’ve said it before…but she is. Not at all consistent. I have my own bed in the hall. She has hers in the bedroom. And then, there is the sofa which is sort of neutral territory. … Continue reading

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Enchantment #midnighthaiku

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For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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