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Guest author: Sally Cronin ~ Why I am skipping old age and looking forward to my second childhood instead

It is always a pleasure to have Sally over as a guest, especially when she is writing about an issue so close to my heart: My thanks to Sue for the invitation to write a post for her today… always … Continue reading

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Caress #midnighthaiku

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Trusting in My Inner Guidance – One Week Before I Move! ~ Debbie Roth #writephoto

I got into an argument with David the other night, right before he left for the Swiss Alps. It was over something “small” yet it felt big. And when I woke up in the morning, I got clearly inside that … Continue reading

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Eyes set on today Perspective glued to the ground Need snares attention Looking toward tomorrow Beauty rises in silence *

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Brinkmanship #midnighthaiku

Rising in silence Spirit of sorrow and joy Erasing the night I watch the sun rise from my doorstep. Inside, the humdrum necessities await. Outside, the small dog explores the garden with the same excitement every morning. Birds sing, the … Continue reading

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The hidden depths of men.   #writephoto – From Michael at Afterwards

“If you ask me” Gerald insisted, “feelings are wholly overrated!” He took a long slug from his beer and stared into the flames. “Jane is always wanting me to share things and open up, but that’s just not me you … Continue reading

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Guest blogger: Ben Snyder – Clouds and Determination

A startled gaze starts the day, as the clouds flow away. Everyone always has to say “Isn’t this a lovely day”. As the winds shift the clouds roll in quick. The temperature drops, as the wind never stops. I know … Continue reading

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Contrast #midnighthaiku

Monochrome beauty Form and texture brought to light Through shadowed contrast * Utter abandon The soul in technicolour Nothing is hidden * Neither right nor wrong Alternative approaches To living with truth.

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Taking the biscuit

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
I am inspired. By a biscuit. A Rich Tea biscuit of renowned lineage to be exact. For those who have not encountered this denizen of the biscuit tin, it is a plain, thin and…

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