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Warm #midnighthaiku

* Bare limbs bear strange fruit Glowing bright against the chill Warming autumn’s heart *  

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Speechless #midnighthaiku

Communication Heart’s wordless communion Friends wear many forms

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Vernal wizardry A solitary singer In guise of herald Breathless before such beauty I stand in silence spellbound For Colleen’s poetry challenge  

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Give a little whistle…

Every morning, one of my first jobs when I go to my son’s home is to feed the four cats… none of which he owns, but all of whom come for breakfast every day… feed the fish in the pond … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Snowtime!

Seeing as it had snowed and it doesn’t happen very often here, I made her take me out for a walk. I didn’t have to try very hard, I have to say…for once, she seemed as eager as me to … Continue reading

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The morning dawned clear, it was frosty and cold But the sun was ablaze in the sky… I was off to my son’s with my wet weather gear, In the hope that I’d stay warm and dry. ‘Cause I thought … Continue reading

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A good ducking

We stopped for elevenses in the form of a nice Cornish pasty… and were mobbed. There is no other way to say it. We went hunting ducklings, armed, I must stress, with no more than some duck-seed and our cameras… … Continue reading

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Redbreast #midnighthaiku

One legend says that the robin got its red breast when it was splashed by the blood of Jesus as ittried to pull away the thorns from the Crown that pierced his flesh.

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Ani’s Advent – Feathered fiends

Dear Santa, I know that’s there’s always a bird On the top of her tree, but…could you have a word? I’m quite fond of chickens and turkeys, you know, But that, I’m afraid is as far as I go! I … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Tree time

Dear Santa, We have a problem. I suppose that should be ‘Houston’, but as you live at the North Pole, it didn’t fit. But it’s that serious. You know how you leave presents under the Christmas Tree? You always leave … Continue reading

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