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Open #midnighthaiku

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Under the sun…

“Thirteen thousand miles… How is that even possible???” We were talking about distances, my son and I, and having established that the Great Wall of China seems impossible, we then discussed the relative distance of the moon from the earth, … Continue reading

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A Land of Living Light

Every morning, the first thing I do is open my bedroom curtains to take a glance at the day. I rise early, usually before dawn at this time of year. When clouds obscure the horizon, all I can see is … Continue reading

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What if?

There’s always a first time. Eyes meet and steal the known, Tomorrow a heartbeat That whispers, “What if..?” And every possibility A butterfly. * There’s always a next time. A hopeful eagerness Opens the secret heart And shivers. “What if?” … Continue reading

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Magic #midnighthaiku

Tiny miracles Overlooked by busy minds Crushed by rushing feet Eyes opening in wonder Remember childhood’s magic *

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Taking stock…

I was obliged to go into town. This is never a good thing and I had put it off as long as I could, but my son had errands for me and it could not be delayed any longer. Reluctantly, … Continue reading

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Doors #midnighthaiku

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Hubris #midnighthaiku

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