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Gloria ~ Jennie Fitzkee

Jennie Fitzkee wrote in the comments on this post: “Twenty years ago teachers were getting dolls and puppets of different ethnicities to add diversity to their classrooms. It occurred to me that in Groton, there was no diversity. How could … Continue reading

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Asking questions…

Image: Pixabay My son was never ‘into’ history at school. He learned what he was obliged to learn and promptly forgot most of it.  Add to that the effects of the black holes in memory caused by brain injury, and … Continue reading

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Unique #midnighthaiku

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Stars and fairy lights…

Walking home in the dark last night, my village was aglow with fairy lights…thousands of tiny, shining stars, blue, white and all the colours of the rainbow, twinkling in the darkness and lighting the way. The everyday ordinariness of living … Continue reading

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My life as a milkshake…

As the title of a post, I don’t suppose it is all that bad, but as the lingering remnant of a significant dream, I admit, it seemed a bit odd, even to me. But that was the phrase that awoke … Continue reading

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