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A magical morning ~ the song of the forest

Navigating the ice and snow across the car park, we managed to get back out onto the road, and, although we were now facing away from home,the view that greeted us swept any thought of home from our minds. It … Continue reading

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Woodland – Willow #writephoto

The  crow  circled  above  the  Witch’s  Castle, confused  by the  fact  that it  was  summer  within  the  castle  walls  and  deep  bleak winter  everywhere  else. Finally  he  took  the  plunge  and  landed  on a  windowsill  under  a  beautiful  red  rose. … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto – Woodland – Ritu

I thought I’d continue the adventures of Barbie and Ken. “Fancy meeting you here.” Ken stopped in his tracks. He knew that voice, and it wasn’t from one of the Scottish locals he’d met since getting here. There was a … Continue reading

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Crossing the stillness

It is dark as we walk down the lane, the small dog and I, yet a bird is singing, opening the gates of dawn with a joyful song, heralding the day without yet knowing what it will bring. For now … Continue reading

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Weird weekend – the lost stone

Squirrels play in the trees, great piles of stones lie in the shadows like strange beasts; streams, clear and iron-red, join and run together as we follow in the footsteps of memory in search of a lost standing stone. “Of … Continue reading

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Heber’s Ghyll

It occurred to me as I drove through the Victorian mansions that line the leafy streets of this end of Ilkley, that I couldn’t remember where Heber’s Ghyll had got its name. I had a vague memory of asking my … Continue reading

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