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Christmas with the small dog…

Santa came! With loads of chickeny treats and balls… and a big, long furry snake that squeaks everywhere! I learned what it was called in three goes too! Then we had a walk in the dark, and that’s always fun … Continue reading

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Stars and fairy lights…

Walking home in the dark last night, my village was aglow with fairy lights…thousands of tiny, shining stars, blue, white and all the colours of the rainbow, twinkling in the darkness and lighting the way. The everyday ordinariness of living … Continue reading

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Whatever path you follow…

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Ani’s Advent – Joyful and triumphant!

Dear Santa, it is Christmas Eve And I have kept my vow, For four-and twenty Advent posts Have all been published now! I have to thank my friends for this ‘Cause they came to my side, To save me from … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – The coconut confession…

Dear Santa, as you’re coming soon I have a small confession, I ask for that forgiveness You can grant at your discretion. I have this little problem, I did not do as I ought, And now I am in trouble, … Continue reading

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The Advent Calendar – a short story from Geoff Le Pard

Reblogged from Tangental: ‘What is it, Mum?’ Emily Smith, 14 looked up from her book. Gilly, her mother, said, ‘A parcel from Uncle Augustus.’ ‘Who is Uncle Augustus?’ ‘I don’t really know. Someone on your father’s side. Do you remember … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Invitation: The Wrong Christmas…

Sometimes I am just  torn between knowing what I ought to do… and being tempted. Like the time she left the fridge door open irresistably wide… or the night when she left the chocolates wrapped under the tree, before I … Continue reading

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The song of ‘What the…?’

Lost in sleep, all warm and cosy, Wishing morning to perdition, Dreaming deeply, all unconscious, Snuggled down in prime position… Wake abruptly, bedclothes flying, Primal instinct, fear obeying, Stand a moment, get my bearings, Seek the source of awful baying… … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – A tale of long ago…

Last year, I wrote to Santa every day in Advent and, on the very last day, I told him a story. It is a tale that my mother told me when I was a pup, from the Long Remembering of … Continue reading

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A light in the darkness

“I have awoken with a fire in my belly, a good fire, one that speaks of life, a beacon in the dark, and if I place it on a high enough peak perhaps you can see it, perhaps it can … Continue reading

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