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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Cats, tennis balls and Merlin, with Jaye and Anita

I may have the odd tennis ball or two. Some call it obsession… I prefer passion, or dedication, ’cause I only use one at a time, except for special games (and I need a new plant pot for that, Santa, … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Tennis balls, Amy M. Reade and Orly

I have a bit of a thing for tennis balls. I know you might not have noticed, but it is true. She is pretty good at throwing them for me, and keeps me well supplied, but no matter how many … Continue reading

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Note on the small dog… Obsession

Her favourite ball had been lost in the bushes, In spite of the brambles, the thorns and the rushes, We’d looked for it everywhere, to no avail And the small dog was sad with no wag in her tail. For … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Trying times

It’s been a while, what with one thing and another. First she blew up the computer, then the interwebby thing stopped working… and now, well… I can’t keep track of her. She’s in and out like a yo-yo. You wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Trouble

Dear Santa, here we go again, It seems like I’m in trouble. I ate the fish food in the tub And burst my Christmas bubble. * She says you’ll probably still come, That one small slip won’t do it… The … Continue reading

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There can be only One…

2 a.m.. The grass is heavy with dew. Stars wheel overhead in an eternal dance, laughing at my inability to understand their pattern. An owl hoots, eerie in the inky silence and a strange, whimpering cry haunts the night… Is … Continue reading

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The many and the one

My dog is a cheese hound, though chicken attracts her But show her a tennis ball, nothing distracts her. She’s partial to cuddles, and happy to nuzzle, Likes having her ears scratched and strokes on her muzzle, But soon as … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Thanksgiving

It was bad enough to be disturbed by her stumbling around at stupid o’clock, without her expecting me to go out in the cold when I was half asleep. Dawn was still ages away when she made my breakfast… then … Continue reading

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Culinary torture…

Whoever invented the slow-cooker was a sadist. For the past six hours the house has been steadily filling with the deliciously savoury aroma of a rich beef and winter vegetable stew. A miniature volcano of homely comfort bubbling away in … Continue reading

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