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What I saw this morning ~ Alethea Kehas #poetry

Reblogged from The Light Behind the Story: Photo Cedit: Pixabay                 * I saw you in the moors today your hair wild like milkweed blown free with she who waits standing in the … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~ Between Two Worlds

A herd of deer were outlined against the far horizon as we followed the path, leading our companions across the moor to where it joins the track that runs above Bar Brook. The stream gathers the peat-stained water from the … Continue reading

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Menorah?… Stuart France

Menorah as Chalice * … The Book of Revelation can be described as a book of arcane symbolism. * It seems to me astonishing that such a work should have been accepted into the recommended canon when so many other … Continue reading

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For fifty years I sought you… Steve Tanham

For fifty years I sought you Beneath an ashen tree And then at last I caught you Hiding behind me ➰ What jests your lips had whispered As I darted too and fro Till I lay down at the wayside … Continue reading

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Why Myth? IV… Stuart France

* ‘Gilgamesh is among the greatest things that can ever happen to a person.’ – Rainer Maria Rilke. Those of you with an eagle eye will have realised that next year’s Silent Eye, Spring Workshop has a mythological theme. It … Continue reading

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The kiss of summer ~ Steve Tanham

Against the heat, I have to climb To drink the air so soft and fine That my sore feet and too hot dog Seek, daily in these fleeting months For she who hides the winter in the wine Continue reading … Continue reading

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Bull Rocks – from Steve Tanham #writephoto

Reblogged from Steve Tanham at Sun in Gemini: Did you, then, Perhaps See the bull? His horns like wings His feet, suggested If not seen Ancient anchors In the rocks of here. Continue reading Steve’s poem here.

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