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Afghan Adventures#31 Women’s health, women’s work, women’s place in the scheme of things ~ Mary Smith

Reblogged from Mary Smith’s Place: Next day, I spent the morning in the women’s clinic with Zohra. I was embarrassed at finding it difficult to understand the women who fired questions at me, making me feel my command of the … Continue reading

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It has come to my notice that none of my replies to comments on the blog have been published for the past few days. I have answered all comments. But the replies are not showing. Apparently, replies show if I … Continue reading

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Jonathan ~ Jen Goldie #writephoto

She carefully let her fingers slip through the precious pages of her grandmother’s journal. Here it is! June 8th 1918. My dearest diary, Jonathan was taken from me today. My only true love. I think I shall fall into a … Continue reading

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Riddles of the Night: Unconventional methods…

Continuing the story of a Silent Eye workshop in Derbyshire, in December 2017. Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine can be found by clicking the highlighted links. A labyrinthine path leads to a summit that … Continue reading

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You Rock ~ Daisybala #writephoto

Stones and boulders aren’t hindrances They’re awesomeness solidified Otherwise why would they say You rock!! Continue reading at freshdaisiesdotme

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Primacy of Things: War-Dead…

* … Before I have time to feel pleased with myself the air stewardess returns, “Mister Em will see you now,” she smiles. Had she been waiting until I found the camera? Would things have been different if it had … Continue reading

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Otherworldly ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

My response to Sue Vincents photo prompt this week. It is an extract from the fantasy story I am working on. Earlier posts – Memory and Crown – are from the same story. The border between the Fertilands and Doomlands … Continue reading

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* Who Listens In silence Who will answer Whispers on the wind Ripples on still water Encircling a fallen tear Offering wishes and daydreams Carried as butterflies on the breeze Questions like daisies scattered on the grass The long-forgotten voices … Continue reading

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After Hibernation ~ Susan Zutautas #writephoto

Waking up after a long winter’s nap I stretch, open my eyes and hear something snap Looking around inside my cave My stomach growls … Berries I do crave I peer outside beyond the rocks Baby bear is talking to … Continue reading

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Elements #midnighthaiku

Elements of earth Life and light grow hand in hand Indivisible *

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