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‘Marjorie Johnson, Shaman of Suburbia’~Neil Rushton shares an article by Dr Simon Young

Reblogged from deadbutdreaming: The story of Marjorie Johnson (1911-2011) is fascinating. Her primary legacy is the book Seeing Fairies, but, as recounted here, her interactions with the faeries took many paths and she may legitimately be seen as a mystic, … Continue reading

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Sweet Scent of Bells ~ Christine Bialczak #writephoto

  I made my sticks a teepee and hoped that they would stay I wanted to enjoy the bells in case they went away. Continue reading at Stine Writing

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The way home

From the archives: We had set off for Dorset the day before… way back in 2013… and had inexplicably ended up in Glastonbury. There was, after all, only one way we would choose to go home from there… and that … Continue reading

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28 Days Later… day 41… A different perspective.

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Bells ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

A purple haze gave the forest a magical quality, something unearthly that Mike couldn’t quite put his finger on. With a Jimi Hendrix song playing through his brain, he realized that the haze was really a carpet of flowers. Bluebells. … Continue reading

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The Sacrificed King

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
©Image by the author Easter is symbolically the time of the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ. This thread of story and principle runs through our civilisation very deeply; and Easter Sunday…

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Bluebells ~ Brian F. Kirkham #writephoto

Brushing against the flowers in the carpet of blue listen out for the chimes as you walk usually, you wouldn’t hear them except – on this occasion – there’s only the birch trees – and they’re not saying much Continue … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and renewal

It is spring. The sun is shining. Everywhere there are flowers, trees are heavy with apple and cherry blossom, hedgerows are white with a bridal veil of blackthorn and alive with small birds. It is as if the earth herself … Continue reading

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Blue Bells ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

it takes a gift from God to cover the earth surreptitiously quickly, deftly Continue reading at Reena Saxena

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Ephemeral #midnighthaiku

Moments  come and go Ephemeral as springtime Memories remain *    

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