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Tranquility – Find your Peace ~ Glen Rogers

Reblogged from Art & Sacred Sites: Imagine yourself in this landscape – enjoying the night time stillness at water’s edge, full moon shining. Breathe in and experience your inner peace. “Bird with Moon”, Monoprint, 7″ x 5″ During these strange … Continue reading

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Hearts Bound Together ~ Goff James #writephoto

Reblogged from Goff James at Art, Photography and Poetry

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St Albans – “Count the stars…”

The fourth post on our visit to the Abbey of St Albans a few years ago. Parts One , Two and Three can be found by clicking the highlighted links. We had finally made it into the Crossing at the centre … Continue reading

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Together ~ Sadje #writephoto

The sun, the sea, the breeze All together celebrating freedom Freedom from pollution from contamination People have withdrawn to their seclusion Nature is given a grace period for recovery We, the humans seek the togetherness that’s denied Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Crisis Management…

* Responsible reporting… Responsible advice… Continue reading at France & Vincent

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The Choosing of Scoral and Lune ~ Wallie’s Wentletrap #writephoto

Scoral was a handsome mer, graceful and strong, his long hair the color of ripe kelp and his scales the same fiery orange-gold. He was chosen by Lune for his fearlessness and wildness. All mer have that wild edge to … Continue reading

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The ultimate accolade?

“… yeah, well, not everyone is a professional writer like you…” His expression turned to horror as he realised what he had said. “Oh sh…” My son muttered a profanity under his breath, probably hoping I would not register his … Continue reading

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Together ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

‘You take it for granted, our time together.’ He laughed at her. ‘Why shouldn’t I? Nothing is ever going to stop us spending time together.’ The sun set as they walked along the beach. It was a beautiful, romantic evening. … Continue reading

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Comfort #midnighthaiku

Distant memories Imagination’s comfort Carved in heart and stone

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