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Jane Sturgeon interviews and reviews: Sally Cronin and Life’s Rich Tapestry Woven in Words

Reblogged from Jane Sturgeon: Sally’s Smorgasbord Blog Magazine is a lovingly generous mix of her writing, the writings and books of her fellow authors, collaborations, poetry, book reviews, laughter and a series of articles, such as the current one on … Continue reading

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An otherworldly encounter ~ Suzanne #writephoto

In her dreams she went through a portal. It was that kind of night. Like many others isolated at home because of Covid-19 she frequently experienced weird dreams. That particular night, for what seemed like hours, she dreamed she was … Continue reading

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Riddles of the Night: Guardians of the Way II

Continuing the story of a Silent Eye workshop in Derbyshire, in December 2017. Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight can be found by clicking the highlighted links. Cratcliffe Tor is a rocky crag, prized these days … Continue reading

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Complex Harmonic Motion

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Sphere or disc, it matters little What your complex words cry Into the wind – the only thing that separates us Not distance, not when:? Your smallest sigh, Your first breathed sound, The movement,…

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Rocky Road ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

Safe surrounded by these ancient boulders Infused by their energy Calmed by their smoothness Continue reading at Poetry for Healing

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The Traveler ~ Christine Bialczak #writephoto

He looked and looked and he could see that the world was near empty. He did not know how far he’d come and now stuck here felt sort of dumb. Continue reading at  Stine Writing

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It was a weird night. Dreams that were more akin to nightmare bothered me until I woke, reaching for a comfort I failed to find as I slid out on the other side of sleep and the insistent clamouring of … Continue reading

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Otherworldly ~ Cheryl #writephoto

I’m not coming out, I like it here Alone with a safe atmosphere Away from the grit and biting things Continue reading at The Bag Lady

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Falling #midnighthaiku

Fragile as snowflakes Pink and white confetti falls Plighting troth to spring

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