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The Horns of the Dancers ~ Abbots Bromley ~ from the archives…

Given a lousy headache and dodgy vision from the over-inflated flesh, I was glad to come across this old post. With the fallout from COVID keeping churches closed to visitors, and preventing many of our most ancient and mysterious traditions … Continue reading

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Lucky birds

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” J.M. Barrie When I was a girl we often spent New Year’s Eve with my great grandparents. Unless a neighbour could be … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve…

There is a story on the radio… some ghostly tale or other. I never really understood why we tell ghost stories at Christmas. I know it is traditional, but I was never sure how far back it went. I’d done … Continue reading

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A Sweet Dilemma

I go to the supermarket as seldom as possible at the best of times… and the run-up to Christmas does not constitute the best of times by any stretch of the imagination. Head down, I charged to the pharmacy aisle … Continue reading

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High Days and Holidays ~ Mike Biles

Just published and available from Amazon – A Bit About Britain’s High Days and Holidays. High Days and Holidays are special occasions, celebrations, or commemorations. They occur throughout the year, some wanted, some not, some remembered more than others.  In … Continue reading

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Pathfinders ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

They filed into the toothy circle, a long double line, holding hands over the green strip that split them apart. The stone pillars stood, immobile, ever present, waiting. There have always been golden fields in all directions. Wild, then cultivated. … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Superstitions and folklore ~ Gary Stocker

Gary Stocker shares old lore relating to February: “February fill dyke, black or white” In other words, February is a wet month. So ditches will get filled with either snow or rain. “February makes a bridge and March breaks it.” … Continue reading

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Guest author: Darlene Foster ~ A Sleepless Night in Aledo

Spain is a fascinating country with many Fiestas, one for every week it seems. These colourful festivals are based on age-old traditions and legends. Some are quite unique. La Noche en Vela, the Sleepless Night, is held every August in … Continue reading

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A landscape of fear Created for enjoyment Mocking mystery Delve beyond the thinning veil Quiet ghosts reflecting life * For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday  

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Facing Fear With The Silent Eye, Part 5 – Failure ~ Helen Jones

Helen continues her journey through Derbyshire with the Silent Eye: I recently attended a workshop with The Silent Eye about Facing Our Fears, an extraordinary weekend spent among the hills and grey stone villages of the Peak District. It’s taken … Continue reading

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