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Cartographically challenged ~ Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster) on tour with THREE new books…

People will remember that I do sometimes lecture at the University here in Port Naain, and over the years I must have taught numerous young people. Perhaps I ought to merely say that they were exposed to my wit and … Continue reading

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An ode to outrage ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: I was talking to Laxey, the sub-Hierodeacon and he mentioned the sad case of the Theological Envoy. The role, of modest importance within the various temples and shrines, is normally taken by one … Continue reading

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Don’t let the grass grow under your feet ~ Jim Webster

Reblogged from JimWebstr, aka Tallis Steelyard: Every so often you come across a paradox. For example I was once talking to an old friend of Maljie’s and they mentioned, “The cathartic effect of mindless violence.” But surely if it’s cathartic, … Continue reading

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A stairway to heaven? ~ Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster)

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: This tale comes from the latter part of Maljie’s life. I wouldn’t say that it was something that happened in her old age, as by her own admission, she is not yet old. Indeed occasionally she … Continue reading

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The danger of losing one’s shirt ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard, who is on a blog tour: I have noticed over the years that young ladies who are brought up with a litter of older brothers tend to exhibit certain masculine traits. Prominent among them are a … Continue reading

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