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Prep #midnighthaiku

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The asymmetric small dog (or half a job well done…)

We all know the saga of Ani’s ablutions, How often I’ve tried, and run out of solutions, When dog into bathtub‘s a futile equation Regardless of bribery, guile or persuasion. A bath was required, I needed an answer, ‘Cause all … Continue reading

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Natural #midnighthaiku

Natural beauty Apparently effortless Maintenance required

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Note to the small dog on the dangers of playing with cows

I am running a bath in the bathroom, All scented with jasmine and rose… The dog is now wedged in a corner And glaring at me down her nose. ‘Cause we went for a walk in the sunshine, Across fields … Continue reading

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The dog flatly refused to come in the bathroom… or to stay in the bathtub once forcibly deposited in it. She doesn’t like baths. She never has. Water… cold, muddy and preferably smelling of decomposition… that’s fine, apparently. But not … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog LVII

She says I snore. In fact, she woke me up from a really good dream of chasing stuff by laughing at my snoring… or so she says. Now, if I do, I’ve never heard it… which is more than I … Continue reading

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