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Tech problems?

Has Mercury gone retrograde? I kick myself for saying, With half of my appliances Not working and not playing. I’m glad its spring, I have to say, And home a warmer venue… Because the bed is cold at night And … Continue reading

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Lines #midnighthaiku

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A night of clenched teeth…

From the archive… Evening… and it is cold outside. The prospect of a long wallow in a hot bath is irresistible… My daily ablutions are generally rapid and efficient rather than luxuriant, but the bathtub and the little scented luxuries … Continue reading

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It’s been all sticky, hot and torrid, Now, the weather’s downight horrid; All we’ve got is clouds and rain.. The English summer’s back again. The roses glowing in the sun Have lost their petals, one by one, Weighed down beneath … Continue reading

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Limned #midnighthaiku

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