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Guest Author: Ritu Bhathal ~ Marriage Unarranged Blog Tour!

Thank you so much for being the first stop on the blog tour for my first novel, Marriage Unarranged, Sue. It’s no secret how long it took me to get this far (twenty years, if you didn’t know), and I … Continue reading

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For Jim Morrison ~ M. Brazfield #writephoto

tall stoic silently looking at me with tears in their eyes they prayed to my crow she flew into the clouds to fetch a ray of old wisdom the sisters smiling at me waving gold spirit pointing to the north … Continue reading

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The Jogger and the Cyclist ~ A Heart for Africa #writephoto

As she jogged along the path flanked by pine trees, dappled with sunlight, Hassana wondered if she would see the cyclist again today. So far, they had passed each other every day this week. For months, she had been jogging … Continue reading

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Sati – Reena Saxena #writephoto

The reference is the now extinct ‘Sati’ system, where a widow was burned on the funeral pyre along with her dead husband. The dead women were glorified and had temples built as their memorials.   the bell that chimes echoes … Continue reading

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Guest author: Shirani Rajapakse – Chant of a Million Women

Let’s Raise a Chant for Women across the World Have you ever felt there was something you needed to say but didn’t know how to articulate it? Maybe you felt the things you wanted to say wouldn’t be accepted by … Continue reading

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Guest author: Luanne Castle – Kin Types

The poems and flash prose in Kin Types were begun as I accumulated family stories and information over the years. My grandfather had an excellent memory and was an enthusiastic storyteller, so over time I came to feel that I … Continue reading

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Aging and Wisdom, The Perennial Years by D.G. Kaye

How many times have we said we don’t feel or look our age? When did middle-age sneak into our lives? Where did the years go? I’m sure we’ve all begged the answers to those questions once or twice as we … Continue reading

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Guest author: Sarah Zama – Femme Fatale

The object of desire: the voiceless power of the noir femme fatale America in the 1940s was a time of huge social change. WWII transformed the dynamics of American society in many ways – not least, gender roles and the … Continue reading

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Flame by Prajakta #writephoto

Late afternoons often found her sitting alone, still and straight. Her mind would travel years back in time, when the house was full of children’s laughs and echoing footfalls. In a flash, hours and days had molded into long years … Continue reading

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Lantern by Anisha #writephoto

It was one of those exquisitely smelling nights right after the first shower of monsoon… the night was beautiful until she entered this deserted quiet street, lit by nothing but this distant lantern… She was alone, her hands tightly clenching … Continue reading

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