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Originally posted on TINA FRISCO:
D.G. Kaye interviews Sally Cronin on her series, Guest Author Friday – Who Has a New Book? Sally is well-known in our author blogging community and much loved for her generosity, diversity, and open heart.…

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Creature #writephoto from Morpeth Road

Legend had it that the Memory Creature lived in a cave on the edge of town and only the foolhardy went there as not everyone came back, not everyone found the memories they wanted and so often were confronted by … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: Death hole by Jane Dougherty

Just a hole in the ground. Out of sight, out of mind. They dump us in it when we no more use, or sick or we puppies with the wrong sire. They tie a stone to a back leg, just … Continue reading

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Learning from others by Tallis Steelyard

Initially I approached this task of pimping Jim Webster’s story ‘A Bad Penny’ with considerable enthusiasm. After all how difficult could it be? But I soon realised that even though I was resolute and unwavering I needed inspiration. Who should … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Net

The computer has gone from working a speeds of a derisive ‘you’ll be lucky’ to an emphatic ‘you’ve got no chance’. Whether it is downloading things behind my back, updating things I’d prefer it to leave well alone or simply … Continue reading

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Not a stone… by Stuart France

It is a familiar conundrum. Whenever we come across sites like this, and we seem to come across more than a few, there is an inevitable question. How much of it is natural? Without question much of it is, but … Continue reading

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Bloom #midnighthaiku

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