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Peregrine Precision~

Cindy Knoke Peregrines dive as if in a dream, snatching birds in mid-flight, landing to administer the coup de grace. Mantling prey on the ground for seconds, they soon return to rule the skies! Cheers to you from the lightening-fast-Falcons~ … Continue reading

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A Thousand Rooms: A Guest Post by Helen Jones

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Violet sky #writephoto

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Forging Morning

Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
The sky is a confusion Of purple contusion And burning orange light. Heaven and earth are forged Together, clouds are gorged With flames so bright The road is gilded, Clouds and tarmac melded…

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Random musings on the pizza of consciousness

From the archives 2014: I like cooking, but, as I may have mentioned before, I don’t do it often these days… unless I have company. It seems a waste just for me. For myself it is usually either fill the … Continue reading

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For the sake of art (The origin of the scary clown) from Tallis Steelyard

  As you well know I’ve always been sympathetic to the lesser arts. Over the years I’ve helped provide employment for musicians, sculptors and even novelists! Indeed if I can find one, I’ve even been known to introduce Mime Artists … Continue reading

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Eye #midnighthaiku

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