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regardless from rivrvlogr #writephoto

regardless a mist may obscure the moon, and clouds, the stars yet they shine on Continue reading: regardless

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Moonlit from Morpeth Road #writephoto

Reblogged from Morpeth Road: On the edge of the swamp just out of reach, the scum, that enjoyed a fault-free existence, moved slightly to spread itself that fraction further in its efforts to take over all it surveyed and didn’t … Continue reading

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Lunar Paradox by Kim Russell #writephoto

Reblogged from Writing in North Norfolk: Like a prehistoric fly In amber, The man in the moon is trapped, A fossil in the skies Of October, Slowly fading from a smiling face To a winking eye. Continue reading here.

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Facing Oblivion, Part One:

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Greetings, high priestess Camma Where my heart would speak I must make my rank as Roman soldier talk in bitter tones. I long to place my arms around you, once again, and protect you…

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Microfiction: Endings by Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Jane wrote two versions… this is the start of the second story. Please visit her page to cotinue reading this one and the whole of the other… On the plain beneath the black sky and the pale light of the … Continue reading

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Fireworks #midnighthaiku

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