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The art of devotion – from China Sojourns Photography

Reblogged from China Sojourns Photography Devotion inspires one of the purest sets of emotions, capturing love, loyalty and deep feelings of excitement that I do not think can ever be understood beyond our own personal experiences. In the world around … Continue reading

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Sleeping Giant #writephoto

Originally posted on Melissa Barker-Simpson:
Written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Thanks for the inspiration, Sue 🙂 “What does it mean?” Tamaya stared at the water, which had gathered in the frozen eye socket of Medea, the…

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French Postcards 11 from Steve Tanham

Knock-knock-knock-knock-knock… Pierre-Paul Riquet was having a bad night, as he tossed and turned… Louis XIV was his patron, although he doubted even the Sun King’s sponsorship would alleviate his growing debts – debts that had now risen to a level … Continue reading

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#writephoto: The Spring by Jane Dougherty

Reblogged from Jane Dougherty Writes: She had determined to find the source before her resolve failed her. The journey had been long and wearisome, and her feet were a mass of sores. But she had found it, the bright, sparkling … Continue reading

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Why not?

Have you ever taken one of the innumerable personality tests that are out there these days? I took a fair number of them as part of some research when we were  setting up the School. Results vary so much from … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – ghosts

I worry about her sometimes, you know. She gets the weirdest ideas. I mean,  don’t know about the rest of you two-legses…is it just the way your eyes work or do you see with something else instead? Me, I’m a … Continue reading

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Crocodile Man… from Stuart France

* Crocodile Man was married to Whistle Duck and they had two daughters… “We’ll have fish tomorrow night,” said Crocodile Man, “I’ll go out early in my bark canoe.” So next morning Crocodile Man set off, and his two daughters … Continue reading

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Autumnal #midnighthaiku

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