Casa Batllo, Barcelona – Helen Jones

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I know, I know. You thought I was going to continue with my epic trip from last month. And, I am, definitely. There’s still so much to see in New York, from Rockefeller Plaza to the Chrysler building, Central Park to the Art Deco architecture of Fifth Avenue. Plus all the other places we visited…

But this week my mind has wandered to Barcelona, and an architectural masterpiece by one of my favourite architects, Antoni Gaudi. I was last in Barcelona a couple of years ago. The weather was lovely while we were there, not too hot and perfect for walking around the city, which we did every day. I made sure to go and see as much of Gaudi’s work as I could…

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10 Responses to Casa Batllo, Barcelona – Helen Jones

  1. I’ve been to Barcelona a couple of times and have to say that Gaudi is one of my top heroes, from his eccentricity to his brilliant architectural vision. It has always struck me that, for someone so famous and visionary, as this article states ” By that time, his injuries had progressed past salvage, and he ultimately passed away three days later. Why was he ignored for so long? People mistook the shabbily dressed man for a beggar!!”

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  2. davidjrogersftw says:

    Thank you, Sue, for the visit to Barcelona art. I’ve never been there, though I plan one day to be. My son marvels about it, and your pictures are so inviting.

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  3. Anne Copeland says:

    Oh, I so love Gaudi, and actually, I love any wonderful architecture. Being married to an architect for years gave me a deep appreciation of unique architecture in all parts of the world. We do have some fine architecture here in the U.S. and my former husband studied with Frank Lloyd Wright and a number of others. To this day I remain a huge fan of contemporary and ancient architecture, alternative self-sustaining architecture and eccentric architecture. It always feels as though there is so much more to it than just engineering and design; there is a story in every piece, and like many special things in this world, those stories can be incredible. Thank you so much for sharing the story and the photos esp. I really love it all!


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