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When the Earth Rang like a bell – Suzanne #writephoto

When the Earth rang like a bell* as the solar winds swept past Amelia Whitewitch felt dizzy on her feet. “Dusk already,” she mused. “The twilight hour, the witching hour. These days are strange indeed.” Her thoughts came all in … Continue reading

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* Rain drenches parched earth Action of nature or grace Drought ends in deluge Hearts define perspective Natural revelation * Science seeks to know Fact described and quantified A crusade for truth Souls seek the dawn of knowing Wonder in … Continue reading

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Frankenstein, Gollum and the unseen will…

“I’m re-reading Tolkien,” said my son. “Cool. How far have you got?” “The riddles in the dark bit.” That made me smile, as we’d taken inspiration from that chapter for the December workshop. “What do you reckon… when Gollum says … Continue reading

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For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday

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Guest author: Annabelle Franklin – Do we really need to leave Earth?

Recently, BBC2 showed a programme called The Search for a New Earth. It featured physicist Stephen Hawking, who claimed we will have to leave Earth within the next 100 years as it will have become uninhabitable. He listed various possible … Continue reading

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Magical Man at the Dawn of Science – The Silent Eye

The Elizabethan age considered itself scientific, indeed the word ‘science’ was used to mean ‘knowledge’. The so called Age of Reason was a much later term applied by historians of science to broad-brush the slow ascent of experimental-based knowledge. What … Continue reading

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If it had been a snake…by the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Reblogged from Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge: Once again they stomped out of the room knowing without looking that their superior was glaring at her through the one way glass. She sat quite still. Except there was that … Continue reading

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Clepsydra Elegy – champagnewhisky

Reblogged from Paula Read at champagnewhisky: It should come as no surprise that one of the earliest tools humans used to tell time was water. After all, it’s what we are, what we need to live. A clepsydra is an … Continue reading

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A Conversation with a Friend – Anonymous

I was sent this piece by a fellow writer who asked if I would publish it here and do so anonymously, because, “the message is more important than selling a few books.” I’m inclined to agree. A Conversation with a … Continue reading

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The lunatic fringe, or at least this diminutive portion of it, is feeling quite pleased with itself tonight. For a goodly while Stuart and I have been banging on about the possibility of motte and bailey castles being something other…and … Continue reading

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