Guest author: Annabelle Franklin – Do we really need to leave Earth?

Recently, BBC2 showed a programme called The Search for a New Earth. It featured physicist Stephen Hawking, who claimed we will have to leave Earth within the next 100 years as it will have become uninhabitable. He listed various possible causes of this catastrophe, including overpopulation, pollution and nuclear war. The programme went on to explore the various measures being taken right now for the eventual colonisation of a new planet.

The technology is mind-boggling. It demonstrates the sheer brilliance of the human mind at its best. It seems there’s nothing we can’t achieve. In which case…


For instance, scientists are developing technology that will utilise the sun’s energy to create superfast rocket fuel. Why don’t they consider using that energy for fuel here on Earth, to replace dwindling oil supplies, dirty fossil fuel and dangerous nuclear power? It would be a lot cheaper and easier than trying to colonise a planet that isn’t designed for human habitation.

The planet under consideration is called Proxima B. The shortest time it would take to get there – once they’ve got their superfast fuel – is 20 years. The crew would have to go into chemically induced hibernation to avoid radiation damage in space. Most of the planet is too hot or too cold to support human life, so we would only be able to occupy a thin strip around the middle. This would lead to even worse overcrowding than we’ve got here. It’s possible that the place has no atmosphere, so we would have to create one ourselves. This would take about 100,000 years, so the early colonists would have to live in a geodesic dome. They would never be able to walk under the open sky.

Even if we did manage to find a planet that was suitable for humans, the chances are that humans would be living there already – in which case, would they really want us showing up and asking to live on their planet because we’ve trashed our own? We might even find they’d made a worse mess of their world than we’ve made of ours.

Maybe we should clean up our act rather than jumping ship. If human science can develop the technology to colonise another planet, surely it can find a way to heal and care for the wonderful planet we live on now.

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About the Author

Annabelle Franklin lives on South Wales’s stunning and magical South Gower coast, sharing her chalet home with two rescued sighthounds. She loves humour, hates housework and believes magic should be on the school curriculum. She has published two children’s novels, Gateway to Magic and The Slapstyx. Her short story Mercy Dog has been published in Unforgotten (Accent Press), an award-winning anthology themed around WW1. Annabelle is a member of Swansea and District Writers’ Circle, and her short story Haunted by the Future appears in the Circle’s 2016 horror anthology Dark Gathering.

Annabelle is currently working on a new series of supernatural stories for children.

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 The Slapstyx 

‘Slap it on and stick it down!’ That’s the motto of the Slapstyx Goblins, whose job it is to fill human homes with dirt and grime.

Twin sisters Georgie and Gem can’t work out why their house gets so much dirtier than everyone else’s – until they discover their home is the headquarters of the Slapstyx Goblins, who love to spread dirt wherever they go. They also love gold, and dodgy businessman Zachary Zigstack has promised them a mountain of it if they’ll help him sell his disgusting detergent. This putrid product is poisoning the world’s oceans, and the twins must use their special psychic skills to put an end to the goblins’ dirty dealings – but can they do it before the goblins put an end to them?

Gateway to Magic

Steven Topcliff is a gaming fanatic trapped in Fairyland where all tech is banned by law. Steven hates Fairyland – there are no video games, no chicken nuggets and no one tells the truth. The inhabitants are dangerous, sometimes deadly, and the Land itself is a living being that deals out instant magical punishments to lawbreakers. He has to deal with spiteful goblins, an out-of-control shapeshifter who insists on being his best mate, and the diva-like Fairy Queen who embroils him in some mysterious game of her own. Steven is a boy who plays to win, but there’s no controlling this dimension with a console – he must use magic to survive and get home.


About Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:
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24 Responses to Guest author: Annabelle Franklin – Do we really need to leave Earth?

  1. Agreed! It angers me how much is wasted on space exploration when there is so much to be done here on earth. On the news last night we heard that the third of our infant killer whales died do to malnutrition.
    Let’s fix what we’ve broken instead of destroying the only thing left, the skies.

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  2. Léa says:

    If there are those who wish to leave, let them do so but they should be required to clean up their messes here before parting and show that they can be good custodians elsewhere and not racing off to destroy yet another planet.

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  3. Completely agree, we have the means to save our planet, we just need to get our priorities in place.

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  4. Frank Hubeny says:

    Good point! If we can get to another planet we can keep our own from becoming uninhabitable and not need to go there.

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  5. Mary Smith says:

    I totally agree – great post.

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  6. Of course we should use our abilities to avoid destroying the earth. The only people who don’t agree with that are the people ruining the Earth … and no matter how I look at it, my mind boggles at rich people who need to get even richer by destroying the earth. They don’t NEED more money. There isn’t anything they can’t already buy ten times over … So why??

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  7. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Meet guest author Annabelle Franklin from this post on Sue Vincent’s blog.

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  9. Thank you, everyone, for your comments – and thank you, Sue, for hosting my post! Sorry I haven’t responded before, I’ve been MIA the past few days because my phone line is broken – I’m currently using a friend’s computer. 🙂


  10. Mike says:

    Those who argue we MUST project into deep space to keep the human race alive don’t realize we’re an intrinsic part of this planet and its complex processes. We would never thrive on alien worlds.

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  11. I’m with you all the way, Annebelle! 🙂 Sharing… xo

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