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Tree Star Sky – methodtwomadness #writephoto

Continue reading here: Tree Star Sky

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The Gift… Stuart France #writephoto

It is possible to box almost anything. Thoughts… Ideas… Emotions… In this way a whole life may be compartmentalised into secure, bounded segments of much more manageable proportions. Bite sized pieces. Or even, ‘shots’. As everybody knows it is even … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Cynthia A. Morgan – A gentle message

Best Seller! Must Read! Page-turner! Wait? How does one define precisely what these are when, to coin the over-utilized phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”?  What makes a book something you cannot put down; what compels readers … Continue reading

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Christmas Present – Willow #writephoto 

Twinkle Christmas Tree Icicles, baubles and lights A present  for me. Please comment at : Thursday photo prompt – Christmas Present – #writephoto | willowdot21

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Christmas Present -rivrvlogr #writephoto

Christmas Present A lovely pine with special meaning Its very presence a sweet delight Standing here before me Snowflakes grace its gentle branches Their luster offering a sign A lovely pine with special meaning Continue reading here: Christmas Present – … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Feathered fiends

Dear Santa, I know that’s there’s always a bird On the top of her tree, but…could you have a word? I’m quite fond of chickens and turkeys, you know, But that, I’m afraid is as far as I go! I … Continue reading

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Porphyrogenitus – another tale from Tallis Steelyard

I don’t often deal with the new aristocracy. It’s strange really but with the old aristocracy who where here before the city was founded, I have no problems. But the new aristocracy, largely those who have been ennobled in the … Continue reading

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A road to now-here… Stuart France

* While it is true… * * The road does… * * Not lead anywhere… Continue reading here

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Wild thing… Stuart France

* If you like… * * Your cool… Continue reading here

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Ani’s advent

Dear Santa, as the season’s here And just to keep in touch I thought I’d write you every day… I’m after nothing…much. I’ve been a good girl all the year, Or if not, I forget, Or maybe she just didn’t … Continue reading

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