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Light Streaming Heavens’ gift Illuminates Life, land and soul The sun-cast shadows Maintaining the balance Encouraging clarity Assimilating the darkness Realising a sacred purpose Unifying apparent division Cherished and indivisible marriage Perfect both alone and together In symbiotic interplay Lending … Continue reading

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Sap Rising Promising A leap of faith The world takes a breath Standing on summer’s brink Small voices poised untested Rehearse a vernal orison A chorus of anticipation Tweeting in exuberant harmony A riotous celebration of hope Emerging from the … Continue reading

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Books; Written Adventure, New worlds open With each page perused. A welcome holiday The cares of life left behind, Imagination paints the scene, A pen illuminates the details Travelling through time and space to wonder. * For Colleen’s Poetry Challenge … Continue reading

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Joyous Living spirit Embracing each moment Illuminating my own heart Blessèd * Quiet My constant companion waits Guarding her space Ever watchful Silent * Loving Special moments Playing the fool In folly finding happiness Laughing * For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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