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* …It was midnight before the Evil One came down out of the mountains and made his way to Baugi’s farm. * He introduced himself, claimed he had been walking all day, then asked for a meal, and to stop … Continue reading

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Taking flight

I’ve been watching for a while. First, as the little bluetits explored their options, then as Mrs Bluetit decided against moving house, they began rebuilding, flying backwards and forwards with the materials they needed to make a soft, warm nest … Continue reading

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Infant #midnighthaiku

Masked marauder plays Infant imagination Explores a new world *

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Bird watching…

My son’s garden is surrounded by trees and they are full of birds of every variety. It is a joy to watch them and listen to their constant song every day, but, at this time of year, we are always … Continue reading

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Milling around…

By the time we had found the little lane that would lead to the place we were staying for the night, the light had almost gone. Not quite… for which I was thankful, because, yet again, we found ourselves looking … Continue reading

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Masked raiders

I love these little bluetits… there have been several families this year raised at my son’s birdfeeders. While the parents have more vivid colours and the markings are more precise and distinct, these babies, with their adolescent colours, just look … Continue reading

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